Guitar Class

I am trying to learn how to play the acoustic guitar. I am not going to class and I do not have a teacher. I am trying to use the “Getting Started On Acoustic Guitar With Keith Wyatt” by Fender. Looking at the reviews it seems to be either #1 or #2. The other one is by Gibson. I chose this one for a very good reason…it came with the guitar.

I tried to do this a couple of times now. My wife bought the guitar for me for Christmas a few years ago. For one reason (excuse) or another, I stopped trying after a couple of weeks each time. This time, I am determined to do this right.

I do not expect or want to be great at this. I would like to be good enough that I would be almost comfortable playing a song for my wife. She loves it when someone plays guitar for her.

Her gift to me was the guitar. My gift to her will be to play for her.

I tried just playing using tabs. I was able to play “Silent Night” the first Christmas I had it. The problem was because I did not know anything else, I felt like I was still a failure at it.

I am still at the beginning after two weeks now. I did okay with practice the first week. The second week, I was on a business trip to Orlando and could not take it with me so I did not practice at all. I got back Friday evening and did not pick it up again until today (Sunday).

My fingers are extremely sore. I can only practice between 5 & 10 minutes at a time. I hope that 5 – 10 minutes a day is going to get me started. I am not sure.

If you have any advice, please let me know. I have a lot to learn. I will freely admit that I do not know anything.

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