Guitar Class

I am trying to learn how to play the acoustic guitar. I am not going to class and I do not have a teacher. I am trying to use the “Getting Started On Acoustic Guitar With Keith Wyatt” by Fender. Looking at the reviews it seems to be either #1 or #2. The other one is by Gibson. I chose this one for a very good reason…it came with the guitar.

I tried to do this a couple of times now. My wife bought the guitar for me for Christmas a few years ago. For one reason (excuse) or another, I stopped trying after a couple of weeks each time. This time, I am determined to do this right.

I do not expect or want to be great at this. I would like to be good enough that I would be almost comfortable playing a song for my wife. She loves it when someone plays guitar for her.

Her gift to me was the guitar. My gift to her will be to play for her.

I tried just playing using tabs. I was able to play “Silent Night” the first Christmas I had it. The problem was because I did not know anything else, I felt like I was still a failure at it.

I am still at the beginning after two weeks now. I did okay with practice the first week. The second week, I was on a business trip to Orlando and could not take it with me so I did not practice at all. I got back Friday evening and did not pick it up again until today (Sunday).

My fingers are extremely sore. I can only practice between 5 & 10 minutes at a time. I hope that 5 – 10 minutes a day is going to get me started. I am not sure.

If you have any advice, please let me know. I have a lot to learn. I will freely admit that I do not know anything.

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why not?

My wife asked me yesterday why I put the jar of sketti sauce upside-down on the counter. I said it looked better that way.

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It’s me.

Well, it is me.  I am not sure where to start so I will start with today and go forward, back, up, down & sideways.  Rambling & probably not very original.  I am thinking about using this as therapy.  Or maybe anyone who stumbles across it can use it that way.  “Hey, it could be worse.  Look at this guy…”

This is my first post obviously.  It should be something historic.  It should be something to grab your attention and hold it.  It should make you want to come back for more.  I doubt if it is any of these things.

But it is mine so I will finish this post with just one thing.

Always keep in mind that other people are so worried about your opinion of them that they do not have an opinion of you.  So enjoy yourself, do something others consider silly or would find embarrassing.  I promise it will be fun.  It will be worth it and it will be entertaining.  Not only will I laugh, but I will probably be jealous that I did not think of it first.

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